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Yang style

Probably the most popular style of Tai Chi after it was promoted heavily in the 1950's, it was also the style I started learning when I first came across this strange hand waving thing in the mid 1990's.

After a couple of classes I still felt like the most cack-handed & uncoordinated student in the group, but I was determined not to give it up until I'd got the hang of it, and besides, I always strangely felt better at the end of the class than at the start, and cycled home at a good pace, despite how tired I'd felt on the way there.

A few years later, I switched to learning the Chen style, but I still practice the Yang 24, and still enjoy its smooth flow and relaxed energy.

Noticing that some people struggle with & get discouraged by the more complex movements of the Chen style, in 2015 I started teaching Yang style again in some classes - for those who want the health benefits of Tai Chi, but want to start with something more easy to pick up.

Perhaps it will be a stepping stone for some, before learning the Chen style, and for others it will be the main form they learn & practice in their Tai Chi journey.


And here's a quick reference guide to the postures in the Yang 24 form - this must be one of the most published Tai Chi pictures around the internet!