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Here's a list of links to books & youtube vids & anything else I've come across that I've found useful

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Books - most of the links are for Amazon, Ebay may be cheaper if you can find what you're looking for

Tai Chi for Health by Chen Zheng Lei.

This is a great book covering the Chen 18 form, written by one of the 4 top Chen style people in the world


 The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan: A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles and Practice by Wong Kiew Kit

This book covers the main styles of Tai Chi and provides loads of easy to read detail on its history, principles & theory.  Its great for adding to what I'm always spouting on about in class


 Chen Style Taijiquan, Sword and Broadsword

 Another one by Chen Zheng Lei that covers the Liao Jia (open hand first form), Jian (straight sword) & Dao (Sabre) forms, as well as a more detailed history of the Chen style Tai Chi & more background information on the principles & practice of Tai Chi.  I'm not on commission, but I can't recommend this book highly enough for anyone who's got the hang of the 18 form & wants to learn the main form (Liao Jia) & how to do it "properly" - the level of detail is better than any other book I've seen


 Chen Style: The Source of Taijiquan

 By Dave Gaffney & Davidine Sim - the couple that organised the trip to Chen village that I went on a few years ago.  This book describes the history of Chen style & also has loads of information direct from the top people in the world about good practice, underlying principles & some great legends too.  Doesn't concentrate on any particular form, so is good for any level of student



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