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"Tai Chi is like standing still, only faster"

These are some sites that I've found to be useful over the years.  Anyone who takes Tai Chi too seriously may not like some of these links, but the odds are if you're in one of my classes, you have a sense of humour.

Please let me know about any dead links by email, thanks,

This is my email - in case anyone wants to contact me - [email protected]


My 'official' Facebook page - sooner or later I'll get around adding some more content - is here.


http://www.wanghaijun.com/  Wang Hai Jun's own website & information about the DVD's I keep pushing in classes (I'm not on comission, honest!)

www.taichifinder.co.uk/  A handy shop (not that I'm on commission with them either!)

http://users.binary.net/thomcat/Stupidma.html#define  Where the quote for the name of this page came from

www.fudebakudo.com/  Its hard to describe this website in words - best click on it & see for yourself......



Ah, good old YouTube - source of great clips & many dodgy ones too.  Here are some of the good ones:

My own Youtube Channel - various videos of me doing various forms Click here

Chen Zheng Lei doing the 18 form Click here

Grand Master Chen running through the Liao Jia Click here

Another Chen chap demonstrating the Fast Form Click here

And Grand Master Feng also demo-ing the Fast Form click here

Grand Master Chen doing the Chen Sword form Click here



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