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Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, classes in Nottingham, Mansfield, Ravenshead & Alfreton

These are the regular classes I'm currently teaching. 

More details of each class below the table.  

If you're interested or have any questions, email me at [email protected] 

or call me on 07981 488890 & ask for Dave.

Current Classes
 Focus of class
Monday 10:00-11:30am
Mansfield St Peter's centre, Churchside, Mansfield, NG18 1AP
Yang style for Health & Relaxation
 Monday 6:30-8:00pm 
Daybrook Baptist Church Hall, NG5 6AA
Chen style for Health, Fitness & Relaxation
 Monday 8:00-8:30pm
Daybrook Baptist Church Hall, NG5 6AA
Optional extension for Weapons, Long Forms & Self Defence
Tuesday 9:30-11am
Ravenshead St Peter's Church Hall centre, NG15 9FD
Yang style for Health & Relaxation
Tuesday 1:00-2:30pm
Alfreton Leisure Centre, DE55 7BD
Yang & Chen style for Health
Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm
Mansfield St Peter's centre, Churchside, Mansfield, NG18 1AP
Chen style for Health & Fitness

All prices are pay as you come - no paying in advance & no hidden charges.

* Any husbands, wives, partners, or other significant others get in for half price - you can fight between you over who gets to pay full price & who gets in for half!

** Anyone who's a member of the Leisure Centre gets £1 off

More details about the classes:

Alfreton class:

Tuesday afternoon: 1:00-2:30pm, Alfreton Leisure Centre, Church St, Alfreton, Derbys. DE55 7BD

This is a pretty laid back class, focusing on the health & relaxation aspects of Yang style & the energy generating Chen style Tai Chi - no-one gets a sweat on here!

We practice Chi Kung exercises & some 'Sensing hands' partner based exercises.  Beginners start with the Yang 24 form, and Advanced students can learn the Chen 18 posture short form, plus there's also the occasional guided relaxation / meditation if we have time.

The class is accredited by Derbyshire Public Health to accept patients as part of their "Strictly No Falling" falls prevention program.

It is suitable for anyone looking to improve their balance, co-ordination & mobility.  There is no self defence practice in this class, although occasionally I (slowly!) demonstrate the self defence use of the movements in order to help students understand the purpose & origin of the postures.

Location:  The Leisure Centre is just off Church street, and has its own car park.  You'll need to come into Reception & get a (free) pass to put in your car window - just tell them you're there for the Tai Chi class. 

The class itself is in the Dance studio upstairs (leg-warmers are entirely optional).  The lovely people on Reception will point you in the right direction & give you the code for the door upstairs.

Here's a link to a Google Maps view of the area with the hall clearly marked.

Daybrook classes:

Monday nights, 6:30-8:00pm (with an optional extension to 8:30pm) at the Daybrook Baptist Church hall (Mansfield road, next door to the old B&Q, opposite Currys & Homebase,) NG5 6AA

6:30pm - Chen style Tai Chi for Health, Fitness & Relaxation:-

This is a class focusing on most of the commonly practiced aspects of Tai Chi.

We cover Chi Kung ('energy', or breathing exercises) & foundation exercises, basic drills & the first part of the Chen Old Frame First Form (LaoJia Yilu).  We even get the odd relaxation in too.

8:00pm optional extension:- 

This is aimed at anyone who wants to learn the whole of the Old Frame First Form, Second Form (Fast Form), weapons forms & use, self defence applications & other drills & exercises that are less commonly practiced in typical Tai Chi classes.  

Although Tai Chi is not generally an aerobic type exercise like Zumba, some aspects - like the fast form and some weapons forms - are designed to generate 'Fa Jing' power and will get you a little warm - to say the least. 

On the whole though, the emphasis is on working only as hard or as little as you want.

Across the whole evening, we can cover:

Various Chi Kung exercises

Reeling Silk exercises

Push Hands (2 person) exercises and drills

Lao Jia Yilu long form

Pao Chui fast form

Applications of the different forms from a self defence perspective

Weapons - Sword, possibly Sabre & Spear - usually these are covered in separate, Sunday afternoon sessions, held every month or so.

If time permits, there might even be time for the occasional meditation!



Daybrook Baptist Church Hall, Mansfield road (A60) by the Curry's / Homebase / old B&Q junction NG5 6AA.  

The hall is next to the church itself & there's parking round the back.

Here's a link to a google map of the address in case it helps: 

GoogleMaps link to Daybrook Baptist church hall

Mansfield classes:

Mondays & Tuesdays at St. Peter's Centre, Churchside, Mansfield, NG18 1AP
Monday mornings, 10:00-11:30am
This class focuses on the light exercise & health aspects of Yang style Tai Chi.  Its a laid back, easy going class for anyone wanting to de-stress, improve their posture, mobility & co-ordination. 

Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9pm 
Like the Monday night class, this is a fairly 'active' class - aimed at providing a slightly higher level of fitness than people may expect from Tai Chi, although still highlighting the importance of calm & relaxation - you won't get that in Zumba!

If anyone's interested in the self defence & weapons side of Tai Chi, I'm also very happy to stay behind for 20 minutes or so to focus on these aspects, so if you're interested, let me know.

Location - For a link to a google map of the centre's location - click here

Ravenshead class:

Tuesday mornings, 9:30-11am, The Centre at St. Peter's Church, 55 Sheepwalk lane, Ravenshead, NG15 9FD

This is a class focusing on the light exercise & health aspects of Yang style Tai Chi.  It's a laid back, easy going class for anyone wanting to de-stress, improve their posture, mobility & co-ordination. 

The main form I'm teaching is the Yang 24 form, and also including Chi Kung exercises & two person Sensing Hands, plus the odd relaxation.

Location: Easy to find - if you live in the village at least!  Just off Sheepwalk lane in the centre of the village.
In case its needed - here's a link to a Google maps view of the area, with the Leisure Centre clearly marked.  


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