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Why weapons?

There are various reasons why weapons forms are taught in Tai Chi.

Although Tai Chi doesn't use weights, weapons - especially heavy ones - help develop upper body & core strength.

Having something that extends your reach means that your awareness of the limits of your body changes to take account of the length of the weapon - rather than sending Chi to the palms or fingers, you can train to send it to the end of the staff / sword / sabre instead

Different weapons help develop different aspects of tai chi, for example, the agile straight sword (Jian) form helps develop body movement & footwork.  The more powerful Sabre (Dao) develops stable footwork & power.

Finally, its fun to play with these chunks of metal & wood that are part of the rich heritige of Tai Chi.

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The Chen Sword Form - the names of the postures

1 - Starting form (includes Ward off twice, Push, Close up, Dragon plays with pearls, Diagonal thrust)

2- Turn to face the sun

3- Immortal points the way

4- Green dragon rises from water

5- Sword protecting the knee three times

6- Closing door form

7- Green dragon rises from water

8- Turn body to hack

9- Green dragon turns body

10- Spread wing & Nod head

11- Oblique (slant) flying

12- Search grass for snake

13- Stand on one leg

14- Immortal points the way

15- Covering & intercepting form

16- Ancient tree with twisted roots

17- Tiger pounces on prey

18- Green dragon swings tail

19- Step back whirling arms

20- Wild horse jumps over gully

21- White snake sticks out tongue

22- Black dragon swings tail

23- Zhongkui raises the sword

24- Arhat tames the dragon

25- Black bear turns back

26- Swallow pecks at mud

27- White snake sticks out tongue

28- Oblique flying

29- Battle of wits between eagle & bear

30- Swallow pecks at mud

31- Pluck star to exchange the plough

32- Scoop up the moon from the bottom of the sea

33- Immortal points the way

34- Phoenix nods head

35- Swallow pecks at mud

36- White snake sticks out tongue

37- Oblique flying

38- Push 1000pds left

39- Push 1000pds right

40- Swallow pecks at mud

41- White ape presents fruit

42- Falling flowers form

43- Thrusting upwards & downwards

44- Oblique flying

45- Nezha searches the sea

46- Python turns body

47- Weitou presents a pestle

48- Millstone sword

49- Finishng form

Downloadable docs

Sword form audio - listen to me warbling through the form & try & keep up!


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