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The Second Form - "Cannon Fist"

Traditionally learned after the Yi Lu (First Form) the Er Lu (Second Form, also known as Canon Fist) teaches how to express power in many different directions and generally at speed.  

This partners the First Form's emphasis on good structure and principles, which provides a strong, but mobile foundation from which to issue this power.

Here's a link to a video of me running through the form - its a bit rough, and believe or not, slowed down in places, but hopefully you'll get an idea what it's all about:

Cannon Fist form

Chen Style Cannon Fist - The posture names:

 1. Open form

2. Ward Off Left & Right

3. Pounding Mortar

4. Lazy Tying Coat

5. Six Sealing Four Closing

6. Single Whip

7. Chop Right And Left

8. Fist Protecting Heart

9. Chop Right

10. Diagonal Whip

11. Low Strike Right

12. High Sweep

13. Pounding Mortar

14. Turn Left

15. Pull Right & Left

16. Present Elbow

17. Fists Both Sides

18. Step, Turn, Drop

19. Turning Jump

20. Cover Fist And Punch

21. Left Turn & Elbow

22. Cloud Hands Three Times Right

23. Cloud Hands Three Times Left

24. Turn And Draw In

25. Three Steps

26. Turn And Three Steps

27. Elbow And Turn

28. Cover Fist And Punch

29. Turn And Throw out Fists

30. Step And Throw Out Fists

31. Turn And Throw Out Fists

32. Step And Throw Out Fists

33. Strike With Wrists

34. Turn And Throw

35. Step And Throw

36. Turning Jump

37. Cover Fist And Punch

38. DragonFly Lands

39. Turn And Right Palm

40. Single Handed Cloud Hands Right

41. Turn And Chop

42. Single Handed Cloud Hands Left

43. Left Heel Kick

44. Right Heel Kick

45. Cover Fist And Punch

46. Low Forward Sweep

47. Low Backward Sweep

48. Cover Fist And Punch

49. Step In And Throw Left

50 . Step In and Throw Right

51. Cover Fist And Punch

52. Turn And Sweep Right

53. Right Forearm Strike

54. Left Downward Strike

55. Right Punch

56. Triple Punch

57. Step Back Right, Turn And Throw

58. Step Back Left, Turn And Throw

59. Forward Right Elbow

60. Elbow To Heart

61. Elbow To Throat

62. Stepping Dragon Emerges

63. Turn and Strike With Elbows

64. Pounding Mortar

65. Closing Form


PDF of the Cannon fist postures


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