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Self defence applications of the Chen style Tai Chi

What?   Waving your arms around like a drug crazed traffic policeman in the park can hurt people?

Well, that's what the original intention of Tai Chi was & once you understand the principles of Tai Chi as a martial art, you can start to work out how it can be used to redirect strikes, develop power to strike back & use sticking skills & leverage to control & up-end 'the other guy' in a relaxed & efficient way.
Hopefully I'll get some vids and pics of Tai Chi self defence applications here, in the mean time, try the following Youtube links

Master Liu Yong demonstrating Lie

A possible application from Push Hands

Chen Xiao Wang demonstrating applications

Chen XW again, demonstrating Chin Na on Chen Ziqiang

There are many more similar vids on Youtube - some good, some downright dodgy, but these above are some of the best Chen people around


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